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There’s no question that the loss of a tooth can be an overwhelming experience. But thanks to innovative dental implants, you don’t have to put up with the inconvenience and discomfort of missing teeth!

At the office of William T. McMaugh, DDS, we are committed to doing everything possible to support your goal of achieving optimal oral health. If you are missing teeth, we have several tooth replacement solutions from which you can choose. All of these options are effective, but dental implants are the only permanent standalone replacement that looks and functions like a natural tooth.

There’s a lot to know about dental implants, so we’ve included some of the questions we hear most frequently. But if you have others that aren’t listed here or you are ready to schedule a commitment-free dental implants consultation, please call our Harleysville dental office at (215) 256-8285.


What is a dental implant?

side view model of dental implant in lower mouth I dental implants harleysvilleA dental implant is a surgical device that is used to replace one or multiple missing teeth. The implant is anchored to your jawbone with a small titanium cylinder placed in the space left by the missing tooth root. When the healing process is complete, Dr. McMaugh caps the implant with a beautiful, natural-looking dental restoration.

Depending on your needs, the implant can be restored with a dental crown, fixed bridge, or full dentures. The result is a stable tooth replacement that restores function and blends seamlessly with your own teeth.

Why are dental implants a good choice?

Dental implants can transform the appearance of your smile, but they also help maintain excellent oral health. Aside from aesthetics, the most significant feature of dental implants in Harleysville, PA is that they help prevent many of the oral health problems associated with the loss of a tooth.

The titanium root of the dental implant promotes the health of your jawbone to prevent bone and gum tissue deterioration. The presence of a replacement root also supports surrounding teeth to prevent them from moving out of alignment.

Another benefit of using dental implants is that they are anchored to your jaw bone with a titanium root, so adjacent teeth do not need to be altered in any way. This is important because it’s our goal to preserve as much of your existing tooth structure as possible.

Who is a good candidate for a dental implant?

Anyone who is tired of living with missing teeth may be a candidate for a dental implant. The two determining factors are that you be healthy enough to undergo oral surgery and that you have sufficient bone density in your jaw to support the implant.

But even if you’ve been told in the past you can’t get an implant because you don’t have enough bone, there is still hope. There are several procedures including grafting, sinus lifts, and ridge augmentations that use bone from another part of your body to build up the bone in your jaw.

All these procedures help create enough healthy bone mass so that we can place the implant successfully.

What’s the difference between an implant and a bridge?

Dental implants and bridges are similar in that they are both a type of tooth replacement that we offer at our Harleysville dental office. But that is where the similarity ends.

  • A dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth that sits in the open space and is supported on either side by crowns attached to adjacent teeth. The bridge addresses the problem of the gap in your smile, but placing it requires us to alter the shape and size of the healthy anchor teeth.
  • A dental implant is also a prosthetic, but it is implanted surgically into your jaw to replace the lost tooth root. As the implant heals in place, it fuses securely with the bone and tissue around it and takes over the function of the lost root. After it heals, Dr. McMaugh will restore it with a crown, bridge, or denture.

Dental implants benefit you because we don’t have to alter healthy teeth, and since the implant acts as an artificial root, you can avoid deterioration of bone in the jaw that’s common with tooth loss.

How do you use implants to hold dentures in place?

Are you fed up with full or partial dentures that don’t stay in place and cause discomfort and embarrassment? You will be happy to know that we can pair your dentures with dental implants for a stable, long-term solution.

Dr. McMaugh places dental implants at certain points along your jaw, and your full or partial denture is designed with attachments that line up with the implants. After the healing process is complete, we will secure your dentures to the implants, and they can only be removed by Dr. McMaugh. In some cases, we can retrofit your existing denture to accommodate implants.

The result is a comfortable, stable denture that allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods and laugh and speak without worrying that your denture will shift or fall out.

Will dental implants improve my appearance?

If you have been living with missing teeth in Harleysville, PA, you may not even realize that they cause your face to take on a sunken appearance. Not replacing a missing tooth can dramatically alter the shape of your face and make you look older than you actually are.

Front teeth support the muscles in your face and losing one can cause these features to sag. Replacing teeth far back in your mouth may not seem like a priority, but back teeth help align your jaw and maintain the shape of your jawline.

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants adds height and fullness to your face that usually results in a more youthful appearance.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are durable and, with proper care and maintenance, can last a lifetime. Implants will restore your smile, protect your dental health, and hold up to the wear and tear of daily life.

How should I care for my dental implant?

Caring for your implant is not much different than caring for your natural teeth. But you must be committed to daily dental hygiene by brushing twice with a soft brush and flossing once. Proper hygiene is especially critical following meals, and investing in an interdental cleaner is an excellent way to get rid of plaque and food particles between teeth.

Call us immediately if you notice any signs of bleeding around your implant because it could be the first warning that something is not right. Without treatment, irreversible bone loss can occur and lead to a condition called peri-implantitis that would require removal of your implant.

Can dental implants fall out?

Older man smiling holding an apple I William T. McMaugh, DDS in Harleysville, PANo, your dental implant will not fall out. Dental implants have been used for decades with a 95 percent clinical success rate. When they do fail, it’s usually because gum disease has compromised the jaw bone and other structures that support it.

But if you are proactive with your oral health by brushing and flossing and maintaining routine dental visits, your dental implant should last a lifetime.

How can I schedule an appointment to learn more about implants?

If you’re tired of living with missing teeth and want to just start living again, dental implants may be the perfect solution to restore your smile and your quality of life. Please contact our Harleysville dental office, so we can arrange a consultation to explain the implant process as well as your other tooth replacement options.