Children's Dentistry in Harleysville, PA

When looking for dental care for children in Harleysville, PA, it’s essential to be able to turn to a team of professionals you know and trust. You can be confident that we will provide your child with the preventative treatments they need in a safe, secure environment. Our treatments will evolve as they grow and be customized to meet their specific dental needs.

Our team respects children as the unique individuals they are. And we will do everything possible to help them see visits to the dentist as positive, enjoyable experiences.

If you’re looking for a family dentist who treats children—and patients of all ages—we invite you to make dentistry a family affair. Contact our dental team to schedule exams today.

Continue reading through the questions below to learn more about children’s dentistry in Harleysville, PA.

At what age should I bring my child to the dentist?

Two young children smiling and laughing l Children's dentistry Harleysville PAManaging your child’s oral health care from an early age sets the stage for excellent dental health that lasts a lifetime. We generally recommend that you bring your child in to see us at around age three.

Monitoring their oral health is essential, but the first few visits are meant to help your child get used to the idea of seeing the dentist. The last thing we want to do is try to perform any treatment before they feel completely safe and secure with us.

We’ll take the time to introduce your child gradually to all the new sights and sounds of a dental office. During these “happy visits,” we’ll show your child the fun side of dentistry – we count their teeth and even let them take a ride in the dental chair.

The idea of your child’s first visit can be a bit overwhelming for both of you. But we assure you that our team always makes it a point to treat children with kindness and respect for their unique needs.

Once we know your child is completely comfortable with us, we can start to perform any necessary treatments like cleanings, fillings, and fluoride applications.

We would love to help start your child off with positive dental habits and quality care. 

Why are baby teeth important?

Giving your child the gift of excellent oral health is one of the most important things you can do for them.

The first few years of dental development are critical for your child.

Baby teeth are the foundation for the healthy development of their permanent teeth, so it’s crucial to protect them until they’re ready to come out on their own.

Additionally, baby teeth are where your child first learns brushing skills and gains awareness of oral hygiene. This early testing ground can establish a lifetime of healthy habits.

How will you help my child feel relaxed?

If you put yourself in your child’s place, it’s not hard to imagine that the first few trips to the dentist might be a little scary for them. After all, you’re introducing them to new people in a new environment filled with strange-looking equipment! But you’ll be happy to know that Dr. McMaugh has worked with children of all ages for decades, and he understands what they need for a positive experience with us. 

There are too many adults whose long-term dental care has been impacted by an adverse childhood experience at the dentist. We think this is unfortunate and completely unnecessary.

We take children’s dentistry in Harleysville, PA very seriously, and we understand that half the battle is making them feel comfortable and gaining their trust.

We familiarize your child with our dental tools, we make sure to share laughs, and we engage them in conversation.

All children are different, but our team is very good at reaching children and conversing with them on their level.

We want your child to start with the most favorable view of dentistry possible. Early dental visits for your child help Dr. McMaugh and our caring team get to know your child and learn how we need to approach them, so they are comfortable with us. We call these “happy visits” because the purpose is to show your son or daughter that dentistry is a fun adventure. 

How can I help my child have fewer cavities?

Cavities are a common childhood rite-of-passage. However, if your child is more prone to cavities than is typical, you might supervise his or her oral hygiene routine for a while, making sure your child is hitting every tooth and brushing correctly. You may also add an additional brushing session during the day. If your child goes to school, have him or her brush when they get home—in addition to each morning and before bed.

You can also try cutting down on your child’s sweets and acidic beverages.

Additionally, our dental office can provide fluoride treatments that help strengthen your child’s teeth against cavities. We can also try sealants that protect your child’s enamel from bacteria and food debris.

What types of general and preventive treatments do you offer?

If Dr. McMaugh detects a cavity in a baby tooth, he will fill it as soon as possible to keep the tooth intact and protect your child’s long-term oral health. Without prompt treatment, your child may lose a tooth too early, putting them at risk for alignment problems as their permanent teeth start to emerge.

Bringing your child in for routine dental exams and cleanings is the only way to be sure that their smile is as healthy as it can be. During his exam, Dr. McMaugh may determine that your child would also benefit from a supplemental fluoride application to ensure that their teeth stay healthy and strong.

Another way we can protect your child’s teeth is to apply dental sealants that prevent bacteria from collecting on the surface. Sealants are perfect for kids who are cavity-prone or if they have molars with deep grooves and uneven surfaces.

If your child is older and has their permanent teeth, they may also benefit from the application of dental sealants. This extra layer of protection is especially helpful during the teen years when kids are more likely to develop cavities.

We also provide a full range of general dentistry treatments to meet your child’s oral care needs, including tooth-colored fillings in Harleysville to close cavities discretely.

Multi-ethnic group of children holding hands smiling l Kid's dentist Harleysville PADo you offer evening dental hours for children in Harleysville, PA?

Dr. McMaugh understands how busy family life can be, which is why he offers evening appointments twice per week. On Mondays, we are even here until 8:00 PM to see to your child’s dental needs!

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