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“I love my job most when I help patients realize that they can receive the treatment they need without fear or discomfort.” - Dr. McMaugh

Will anyone notice my tooth-colored filling?

The best dental work is that which no one notices, whether we’re filling a tooth or placing a dental crown. At the Harleysville dental office of William T. McMaugh, DDS, we use only the most updated materials so that every dental filling we place looks seamless and natural.

How does a tooth-colored filling procedure work at William T. McMaugh, DDS?

When we fill your tooth with advanced composite dental resin, nobody will notice; in fact, even you may not be able to detect where the filling meets your tooth. Tooth-colored fillings look so natural because the material closely mimics the appearance of dental enamel. We further customize your fillings by shading the dental material so that it matches the color of the teeth around it.

Because of its lifelike appearance, Dr. McMaugh also uses tooth-colored filling material for a procedure called cosmetic dental bonding. We use dental bonding to improve your smile in many ways, from filling in small chips to altering the shape or size of a tooth. We also use the process to create direct veneers, an affordable alternative to porcelain veneers that must be prepared at a dental lab.

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