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Blog - Children's Dentistry

Should Your Child Wear a Custom Mouthguard for Sports?

Women on soccer team smiling l dentist harleysville pa

Children who play sports learn valuable life skills like teamwork and leadership, but most importantly, they have fun and get lots of healthy exercise. But chipped and broken teeth are commonly caused by sports—especially contact sports.

Your children’s dentist in Harleysville recommends custom mouthguards for any child who is involved in contact sports. Dentists estimate that 13 to 39 percent of dental trauma is the result of playing sports, but sports guards can dramatically minimize your child’s risk of injury to their mouth and teeth.

Who Should Wear Sports Mouthguards

Dental injuries can occur with many different types of sports, and your child’s school probably recommends mouthguards for football or ice ...

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Study: Custom Mouth Guards May Reduce Risk of Concussion

If your child participates in any sports-related activity, they should be wearing a protective mouth guard. Whether they play soccer or participates in gymnastics, a custom mouth guard will help protect them from dental injury.

If your child needs a custom mouth guard, please contact your pediatric dentist in Harleysville, PA.

Custom Mouth Guards Reduce Traumatic Brain Injuries

A 2014 study published in Science Daily suggests that a well-fitting, customized mouth guard can also help minimize the risk of traumatic brain injuries. The study followed two groups of high school football players; one that wore over-the-counter mouth guards, and one that wore customized mouth guards. All players wore the same type of ...

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Can Your Child Benefit from Sealants or Supplemental Fluoride?

Siblings Smiling

Do you worry about your child’s oral health and wonder how you can help them achieve a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime?

Regular cleanings and exams help keep track of the condition of your child’s teeth and identify small problems before they grow and threaten their oral health. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to avoid them having any dental problems?

Fluoride Applications

Fluoride is essential for protecting your child’s healthy teeth from decay and is available through many sources. You will find fluoride in toothpaste, mouthwash, non-bottled drinking water, and foods like fresh vegetables.

So, in most cases, your child may already get enough fluoride. However, if ...

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Why Your Child’s Oral Health Habits are Important

Woman with Daughter | Children's Dentistry Harleysville PA

If you’re a parent, we don’t have to tell you that raising kids is a lot of work! There are many responsibilities, but if oral health isn’t a priority for your child, it should be.

Have you ever had a mild toothache that left you feeling irritable and out of sorts? But, as an adult, you know that all you have to do is call your dentist who will address the problem and provide the relief you need.

But imagine you’re a little child with the same uncomfortable toothache. If they are too young to understand what pain is, they not only hurt, but they may be confused and not understand ...

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It's Back to School Time! Schedule Your Exams!

william t mcmaugh dds | harleysville pa dentist

It’s that time of year when parents everywhere are busy getting their kids ready for the first day of school. You have all the necessary school supplies, your child has picked out their outfit, and you have a cupboard full of healthy snacks for lunches.

But your child isn’t 100% ready for school unless they have had a thorough dental exam. Children with a healthy smile are a lot happier and more productive in school than those with poor oral health.

How Oral Health Impacts Your Child

Dental caries (cavities) are the most common chronic childhood illness. An estimate provided by the National Institutes of Health indicates that 23% of children between ...

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Helping Your Child Develop Positive Oral Care Habits

Children's Dental | Harleysville PA

When it comes to their children, parents want the best for them—and that includes good oral health. It’s important to instill good habits into children while they are still young, and there are a number of ways parents can do that. And for parents who are looking for a kids dentist in Harleysville, they need look no further than William T. McMaugh, DDS, for dental excellence and compassionate care.

The First Step toward Developing Good Oral Care Habits

Making sure your child is accustomed to the dentist is one of the first ways you can start developing good oral habits. Even before they have teeth, you can bring your kids in to ...

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Dental Fear and Kids: Getting Past the TV Stereotypes

Children's Dental Anxiety | Harleysville PA

Dentists have certainly had to do a lot of PR to show patients that we’re not just scary people in white coats. Even as patients are seeing for themselves that we really are good guys, the negative stereotype persists.

Pediatric dentistry is an important part of your child’s overall healthcare, and the team at our Harleysville dental office is committed to changing this perception.

Sometimes it’s difficult enough to convince adults that dentistry can actually be a pleasant experience. But kids are like little sponges – they pick up everything they see and hear even though you may not realize it. When they constantly see or hear negative portrayals of dentists, you ...

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